European Marketing Codes and Compliance Training - Refresher Training

Presented by Dr Judith Grice

For those who have already attended one of our European Compliance Training Days or already have a good basic knowledge of European compliance we are now offering a half day refresher course. This will be a half day course covering the main themes of compliance and help agencies keep their knowledge of the ABPI Code and other national codes up-to-date. Many pharmaceutical companies are making it a contractual requirement that their own or agency staff are compliance trained on a regular basis and this seminar will contribute to this requirement. This course has been designed to increase knowledge and understanding of the rules governing the promotion of medicines in Europe and raise awareness of local variability in compliance requirements.

The agenda is planned for interaction and discussion containing both informative presentations and a workshop. These discussions form an important part of the course equipping participants to meet business objectives relating to pan-European marketing and for this reason the number of delegates per course will be restricted.

Download an example agenda which can be tailored to suit your company's requirements
PharmaCodes Compliance Refresher Course Agenda 2016 (pdf)

This course can be tailored to suit your company's needs.

If you are interested in this refresher course and would like to register or learn more about the content contact me on +44 (0) 7884 182436 or email me

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