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Buy vouchers at 2016 prices up until 31st December for the updated 2019 course

Meeting the requirement of Clause 16.1 of the ABPI Code of Practice that all relevant staff are trained on the content of the Code can be a daunting task for those responsible for Compliance within an organisation.

PharmaCodes e-learning courses not only ensure that learners are trained on the Code including any recent changes but they also provide you with the metrics to demonstrate the competency within your organisation.

We realise that one course does not fit all and that training needs vary with job role and experience, consequently we tailor the courses to meet the requirements of different roles within your organisation.

Practical Compliance: The Essentials £199 + VAT per course (2019 price £250)
Suitable for medical and marketing assistants or those who need a basic level of knowledge of the ABPI Code

Practical Compliance: Meetings and Congresses £299 + VAT per course (2019 price £350)
This builds on the Essentials course and is suitable for meetings organisers

Practical Compliance: Originators and Reviewers £499 + VAT per course (2019 price £599)
9 Modules for those who require an in depth knowledge of the ABPI Code

You can decide whether you want to have your vouchers issued for the existing 2016 course or wait for the new 2019 course which will be available from 31st January 2019

These courses which are CPD accredited are available from our e-learning platform or we can upload them to your own systems provided these are SCORM compatible.

Additionally we can tailor the e-learning packages to meet your specific requirements.

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