'Compliance, Codes and Communications', PharmaCodes' practical guide and companion to the 2016 ABPI Code is available now as an e-book - eCodes®. This easy-to-use guide provides online decision support in real time, information and advice on Code issues is just a few clicks away - wherever you are.

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Who will find it useful?

Anyone involved in preparing or approving pharmaceutical marketing materials will find this an invaluable source of practical advice and information - for example:

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What does it cost?

Prices are on an annual subscription basis and orders placed before 14th March are currently discounted by 10%

Number of UsersAnnual Subscription Price
Excluding VAT
Discounted Price
Excluding VAT
Number of Complimentary
Hard Copies
11 - 25£1,000.00£900.004
26 - 50£2,000.00£1,800.006
51 - 100£3,000.00£2,700.008
101 - 200£4,000.00£3,600.0010
201 +£5,000.00£4,500.0012

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